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Snap Button DIY Set (360 Pcs Set)


  • Snap fastener kit includes a set of snaps pliers and 360 pcs of T5 snap buttons.Plastic snaps buttons included 24 rainbow colors, bright and vibrant, fine for machine washed and dried.

  • This snaps button are mainly made of durable hard plastic material,diameter 12mm(T5), but the snap pliers suitable for different size of buttons, it completely fit for the size T3,T5,T8.

  • The snap pliers so easy to use, simply put a buckle and male button and press with your babyville snap pliers. Repeat for the female button. You will hear a pop sound when the snap fasteners this signals the installation process is complete.

  • Perfect for multi-use,this snaps great for all kinds of household projects,you can use it to make cloth diapers,bibs,towels,children's clothing,cloth pads,etc.As long as you snapped it on the cloth,they will snap together greatly,will not pop off like other product.

  • Provide a high quality storage containers,easy and convenient for collect and use.



🌺Snap diameter: 12 mm (T5 size)

🌸Snaps colors: Rainbow Color

🌼Material: plastic and Carbon steel 

How to install plastic snaps: 

Step 1: Mark the place of snaps on project, use awl to make a small hole on fabric. 
Step 2: insert prong of the snap cap into hole and place socket over prong. 
Step 3: position plier with cap in black die tray and socket under rubber pressing head. 
Step 4: make sure cap is centered and seated in die tray and squeeze plier firmly for secure. 
Step 5: repeat with second cap and stud. 
Step 6: check the snaps. 

100 Sets Package:

  • 360 pcs T5 plastic snaps buttons
  • Snap Pliers X 1
  • Press Button Head x 2
  • Screwdriver X 1 
  • Press Button Helper x 1