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Circle Cutting Jig


Circle cutting jig for milling circle, milling groove. Suitable for Makita, Aoben, Dongcheng, Bosc electric hand trimmer wood router.

Material: bakelite
Quantity: 1pcs
Max cutting diameter: 690mm
Min cutting diameter: 20mm

Type Application
A General model (Stiletto installation by user)
Makita 3700b
Aoben at3300a
Worx WU619
Dongcheng M1P-FF02-6 M1P-FF03-6 M1P-FF04-6
Makita RT0700C
Bosc GMR1

The mounting hole is different for different trimmer.
Type A can drilling hole for general use. Without holes, you can make holes for your base, according to your router/trimmer.
Type B pre-drilled holes are distant at 76x62mm. Suitable for MAKITA Trimmer Models 3701 / 3703 / 3709, Aoben AT3300A,
Dongcheng M1P-FF02-6 / M1P-FF03-6 / M1P-FF04-6.
Type C pre-drilled holes for MAKITA Trimmer Model RT0700C, BoscGMR1.

Suitable for hand trimmer wood router.
Easy to install and convenient.
Milling arc quickly and save effort.
Durable and long service life.

Please note that the package includes one type only.
The machine is not included.

Package Included:
1 x Circle cutting jig