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(🎁New Year promotion-30% OFF)6 Blade Thermal Powered Wood Stove Fan


Save your bills on heating bills and warm up your home!

Product advantages:

  1. Helps to improve the faster circulation and circulation of the heat energy emitted by the fireplace.

2. Help the hot air to be more evenly distributed throughout the room, accelerate the rise of hot air and the descent of cold air, so that the room temperature is uniform and comfortable.

3. Bass, self-generating, no need for batteries or electricity, low temperature start, save fuel, enjoy the heat faster from the stove.

4. Simple and stylish design, home decoration and gift for friends!

How to choose?

If your stove is of the following types, you can use the fan directly.

If you are an ice fishing and camping enthusiast, you are using the following types of stoves. Because the open flame temperature of this type of stove is too high, you need to add a heat shield. It is also recommended to use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the stove.


1. Please read the user manual before using the fan

2. Before using the fan, please check whether the fan is damaged. If the fan is damaged during transportation, please do not use or install the fan.

3. When the fan is working normally, please keep children away from the fan.

4. Do not touch any part of the fan when working. If you want to move or carry the fan, please move it only after the fan stops working and cools down.

5. When the temperature exceeds 250 degrees, the bimetal thermal insulation device at the bottom of the fan will automatically bend and tilt to protect it.

6. This product cannot be burned on an open flame, nor is it used for a built-in stove or other stoves with an insulating top design. Use this product with a freestanding stove, or place the stove fan on a smooth, flat surface on the stove top, near the side or back of the chimney.

7. The furnace fan is designed for independent stoves, and the surface temperature of the furnace is between (80℃-400℃). Temperatures above this range may damage the fan and generator set and void your warranty.


Material: aluminum alloy profile

Number of blades: 6

Blade diameter: 180mm

Air volume CFM: 180-210

Motor speed: 800-1100rpm

Noise: ≦35db

Colour: Black

Initial temperature: 55℃-75℃

Best working temperature: 80℃-250℃

Maximum temperature: 350℃

Package 1 includes :

1x stove fan
Package 2 includes :
1x stove fan with thermometer

Package 3 includes :
1x stove fan with thermometer

1x Heat shield Set